The off-topic/linux humor thread:

It seams that I cant post a reply in it, is it normal ?

If so, why ?

I think you need to spend more time here to be able to write some offtopic nonsense :slight_smile:

I taught about it too, but it is just a simple reply in an existing thread, not opening a whole new grocery store with all the paperwork ...

I think it's pretty obvious, you have been deemed to have no sense of humour. :crazy_face:


I have never pretended that,

I find it funny to restrict access to the almost only non serious topic/thread, that is a paradox .

Humor is universal, but the jokes them self's, not always :stuck_out_tongue:

for example even chimps do make pranks to each other and laugh, but you cannot exchange jokes with them because of many barriers.

The forum software is Discourse, this is normal if your trust level is low

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right a technical limitation of the software , but "you" the human, cant see that is weird that I can reply in a serious thread but not in a non-serious post ? you see what I mean ?


I find completely reasonable that you came to the forum to ask and give help in the first place; and later when you have 'earned it' you can post silly things, not the other way around.


All this is a (logical) test of newcomers humor.

@this stage U failed.

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Ok, that is your an some others opinions .

Unfortunately still not mine :slight_smile:


The rules weren't made by the software they were made by the moderation team of the forum. Since this is primarily a forum for Linux, the ability to post in off-topic is something that must be earned by being an active member of the community.

#off-topic is intended to be a place for the members to interact with each other about things not related to Linux. It is there because we want this to be a community and not just a support forum. Unfortunately, #off-topic is also the place where people tend to exhibit poor behaviors.

By not allowing posting in #off-topic until you meet a certain trust level, we allow people who are new to the community to learn how we function before posting in #off-topic and people who consistently exhibit poor behaviors will be unable to post there.


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