The pc freezes after running out of battery

Hellow, I have been using Manjaro KDE/Linux this week for first time in my life in my new notebook and I'm loving it but I have some problems. I have tried to look for the solutions first before asking, but I haven't find anything, so sorry if there have been resolved.

I have realized that the pc freezes after running out of battery. The screen which asks me for my password appears but I can't move the mouse and the keyboard doesn't work too. The hibernate/suspend option works fine.

always try and post system info when creating a post, it makes it easier for those willing to help to be able to help you better.

that said, it's been a little while since i used KDE but you should have power management settings there you can use to define your desired behavior. for example:

when battery reaches 10%, suspend the laptop.
at 20% issue an alert

there are probably other settings you can define also but having those defined with sane values should prevent the laptop from forcefully dying when the battery hits 0%.

when the battery is not dead, are you able to manually suspend/wake without this issue happening? if yes, then what i mentioned before should work just fine. not to mention, running a battery to 0% is a good way of decreasing it's lifespan.

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Ok, thank you a lot, I will have in mind your words and sorry for my mistakes. When I normally suspend the pc I don't have this issue (for the moment at least) so I have configured the power management settings as you said. I was afraid of doing something wrong when I did the manual partitions during installation; perhaps something with the swap file related, but if is just not letting the battery die, I'm ok with that :slight_smile:

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your welcome, if suspend/wake works properly otherwise, then preventing the battery from hitting 0% should take care of it.

the other thing i forgot to mention, some systems have trouble with hibernation, so if the setting was originally set to hibernate at low battery, switching it to suspend instead should help. easy enough to test, if you manually hibernate and you wake to it frozen, you know what the problem is. best of luck, hope it all works out.

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