The stupidity of not reading instructions and how to fix it

So there I am at home scrolling though the forum, stumbling upon a huge Topic about PacUI. I think I may as well read (good idea). But then I thought, I have installed it already a few months ago. Let's check it out (bad idea).

Oh! There is a shiny option: Maintain System
I'm down for that.

Let's click on aaaall the options and maintain this awesome system. Let's allow pacdiff to change all the configs without paying attention. That sounds like a good idea.

Oops! Suddenly an error. Polkit is not working. Let's try and do a simple sudo. Nope. Polkit objects.
And here the panic ensues.

  • Did I change polkit ?
  • Did I change pam.d ?
  • If I logout that's it!!!
  • I have to work tomorrow from home, and it's nearly midnight.

So think! Think all these posts you have read, all the replies, search the forum (apparently nobody has ever been that stupid before !!!), search the wiki. Oh man! I know. su become root and start fixing! Polkit complains! How the hell do I fix polkit and pam.d ? I don't remember, I haven't done it in years. Damn you calamares and your easy installation! And if I do, I cannot change the files because polkit will not let me.

Backups! That's it! I was planning to setup Timeshift. Well no I did not. I forgot! (The stupidity increases)

OK. Now I remember. I have a USB here with Ventoy and I think there is a Manjaro ISO inside. Yes there it is. Yes! The magic command: manjaro-crhoot -a

Well OK. I chrooted. Now what? How do I fix this ? I don't remember pam.d by heart! I need an easy fix.
Hmmm! Some users in the forums had suggested to create another user in the machine in some issues.
Ok. useradd successful. Login. Success! Access my home folder. Success! But I need to login with the other user.

I am in Gnome. Check User settings! There is my user. Unlock to gain access. Good. It works. Maybe, if I click on the Administrator toggle off and on again (IT Crowd Reference) maybe that will fix it.

It did! Hi forum members! Writing to you from my own account.

Moral of the story: Backup and RTFM!


X10, can't be emphasized enough.


Sometimes RTFM doesn't work. I certainly have trouble understanding quite a few instructions and manuals - sometimes they're just not specific enough, don't have good examples, and I can't make the instructions work for me without pain.

However, the backup is something I learned many moons ago. YOu can do anything you like - take the hard disk out and flush it down the toilet - no problem.
Just put another in and restore.
Fixes anything :stuck_out_tongue:

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Or just fix it like a real user Lol. takes less time but more research.

Seriously backups are essential for the majority of users but then not doing stupid things is even better some say as you don't get problems :crazy_face:

Bit like that deserted road junction people use daily then start just pulling out blindly then one fine day bang crash wollup.

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My opinion has always been that if you need to read a manual, your software isn't good enough. That a good software prevents human errors by design.

And specifically speaking of package manager, in reality the only thing that the user needs to care about is which software they want to install. Everything else is candidate to automation.

A good friend of mine even suggested that installing software isn't really necessary, that people could launch software as a website would do.

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That said I have just finished coding an universal self contained package manager for Linux, called

It allows copying anything into root and revert that at anytime. So people can try software out without the need to package it first.

It won't install the dependencies for you. But it will point you out which they are and, potentially, where to get them.

Sure, tell your family that when they can't go on holiday because you have to take a whole weekend to fix a small problem with the car, like a 'real user'. How much of a 'real' user are you?

I challenge you to 1. Sort out my sound issues in my other thread and then 2. Work out why I get weird screen effects based on sound output in my system when video's playing in another window.

Fix that and I'll let your super 'manly' comment slide.

That's pretty much all I do - if software needs building, I can follow very basic instructions - but if there are errors (and if they're not written in English) I'm apt to give up pretty quickly.

So my question for developers is:

Why just not putting those instructions on a script, instead of making someone manually entering them?

No need for such anger where did i point the imaginary finger at you. or make it personal.

Nobody twisted your arm into submission Your choice of hardware was your choice and only yours.

About your problems they are really your problems, But if your want to ship your gear to me to fix for you I charge £150hr for my services.

As far as my car goes again. I repair them my trade. But here in the UK a 8yr old run about is only £200-300, paper work is over the net so no problems running in mins.

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I share the frustration of people freshly into Linux when they realise that it would probably take years of serious study to get past the stage of searching internet and copying commands - as well as the frustration of those who spend hours investigating a problem and finding no solution.

Such is the game, many things are broken and aren't going to be fixed by anyone - and that's something we all have to live with. Audio, especially, WORKS in Windows, but takes very special tweaking and never quite works the same way in Linux.

And the problem with windows shimmering when someone gets shot in a movie - that's so weird that I doubt I'll get any solution.

I do hear you. but who said Linux is windows like. only new linux users on some forums,
Its the same the other way around My boys have had to learn windows as new users as i use mainly Linux and Mac.

But its the same in Windows if the system does not come with windows installed.
My Cambridge Bluetooth usb works out the box with Linux, and Mac, Windows10 not even with the correct drivers did it work without using regedit to do a workaround.
Ms 3d paint does not install on my win10, and many shareware programs do not work.
You see you buy a windows machine with Window's installed most things work.

Never had a problem with pulseaudio in Linux apart from the odd distro that i have had to unmute sound in alsa.

That sounds like sound over vision maybe a poor GPU allowing hdmi sound to bleed though or a dry joint somewhere, or cheap cable.

Unique to Manjaro Cinnamon, XFCE and KDE.

You're saying you can open Plex Media Player and play dolby 5.1 movies in 6 channels, then play stereo music in only stereo sound, and the audio never fails to switch?

This was a common factor in every distro... mostly replies come from people who just don't bother about using surround sound for movies in Plex or Kodi... Kodi suffers also, despite it using passthrough. It's settings are not 'permanent' and it will switch audio sometimes when it thinks it detects a change.

Sometimes Pulse gives no sound in Plex, but then after a minute I might hear a click, then when I play - wow, sound just appeared!

do you have any suggestions how to improve the current behavior of pacui?

please think about 2 cases:

  • arch recommends to always use the latest version of your config file. you are supposed to notice the pacman warning during installation and immediately look merge the old config file into the new one manually. arch tells you that using an outdated config file can break your (possibly extremely important) package(s).

  • updating your config file to the (new) default config file removes all your current settings. if this is done with important files (such as "sudo" or "shadow", etc.), it can break your system, because manjaro (and arch) require certain settings in these config files in order to work properly.

p.s.: the first time i have tried to update my config files, i destroyed my system as well. i had to rescue it with a liveCD. this is the way i have learned to be cautious with certain files.

that is the reason why the warning in pacui's help page about pacdiff is very explicit.

Allow me some time to read on it

and I will come back with a few suggestions. If you think any more documentation could be valuable, please tell me.

Honestly, pacui --help is pretty dense, so I won't even be thinking about invoking 'maintenance', though for updates, installs, listing/searching it looks great.

RTFM? I'd rather skip this one.

You can't fix stupid.

What comedian's line did I just steal?

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