Theme menu toggles look weird

Hi, i just installed Manjaro GNOME a few days ago and i love my dual boot with windows.
But after a restart my menu toggles suddenly look very ugly:weird%20toggles
Now my first idea was to just reinstall this theme (matcha-dark-sea) (by deleting it from the theme folder while having switched to a different theme and then redownloading it) since other themes seam to work fine for me, but i like this the most. But that didn't fix the issue for me. The bug is always there, even after a restart.
Any advice on how i can get my matcha themes to work propperly again would be very helpfull.

How did you install the Matcha theme? I advise uninstalling whatever you have and install matcha-gtk-theme from the Manjaro community repo.

sudo pacman -Syu matcha-gtk-theme

Thanks for the tip, but it sadly didn't work. It doesn't matter how many times i reinstall it, this weird bug keeps happening to all matcha themes.
By the way: they came preinstalled by default with manjaro gnome.
Any other ideas on what i could try?

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