There is a new amazing solution for Nvidia Optimus that needs to join manjaro ! Optimus-manager

Yesterday you closed an topic of me requesting better management on nvidia optimus drivers but you were totally stupid with capslock and locked the post, its not a whishlist, its a feature suggestion! you gotta know that im trying to help and also offered my help to dev something but everybody ignored need to be stupid with users at all.

There is a new solution and i tried it and works flawlessly, its fresh new and running for arch distros only, if you want your system better, i would suggest you to adopt it on the system, best regards ever.

If you have the skills as a developer and you wish to help create and manage new packages for Manjaro that is awesome. You must also understand that Manjaro is developed solely by volunteers in their spare time. Every person that uses the distro has things they think should be implemented. Unfortunately, there is only so much a small group of volunteers can manage at one time.

Everyone has a wishlist of things they would like to see implemented, but realistically new features are only added when time and resources permit.

Your thread being closed was not "stupid". It was obviously felt discussion on the topic would be unproductive as there was not the time and resources available to pursue your suggestion.


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Yeah i know its hard and that there are too much requests for a little group of volunteers, just want to make sure i contribute somehow and that we keep it friendly for everybody !

I just love this project and the way its driven and am here if needed, good to see everybody around, best regards


If it isn't already there, someone should put philm's post in the wiki.


I tried it before open this topic, this solution is fantastic! Im serious, got more than 20fps if comparing to other solutions at least on overwatch and gta V!

anything towards making optimus crap work is a good thing, im not too concerned about battery life and PRIME is working flawlessly for me, and correct me if im wrong but seems like it would also provide better performance than any other option available at this time. if i was mobile alot then i would definitely need something a little less power hungry like optimus-manager or nvidia disabled all together. good to know its there

How does this work with mhwd's custom xorg config file locations?

Does mhwd bumblebee have to be removed for this to work?

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I guess so. It's in the instructions. No mhwd or just plain nvidia.

Added to wiki


I'm waiting for a full AMD Manjaro spitfire open source driver gaming laptop. :slight_smile:

With a simple copy/paste it can be a Tutorial as well, and then wiki/forum racing starts! :joy:

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A simple move of the specific post - no need for copy paste - to #technical-issues-and-assistance:tutorials


If this is considered as kinda replacement for current Bumblebee solution please note:

  1. I don't know the exact rate but I guess a lot of users have zero issues with Bumblebee. As myself. Yeah I know its drawbacks but in many cases it just works.
  2. Switching to pure Nvidia makes Plasma, KDE and SDDM's font look small. GTK and Electron stuff is not affected.
  3. The default setting for enabling nvidia with the use of nouveau causes black screen issue due to nouveau's bugs.
  4. The overall performance of Plasma Desktop on Nvidia is horrible compared to Intel (I know this sounds somewhat stupid -- blame Nvidia). Random lags for no reason when simply minimizing/opening windows.

EDIT: I am not criticizing. I just wanted to point out my findings for those who are willing to try this. A word of warning, nothing more.
And shame on Nvidia of course. Bumblebee and Nouveau exist for so long, and still not a single step towards community from the vendor, what a shame.

Otherwise known as "never". :rofl:


Am I supposed to uninstall the hybrid intel-nvidia bumblebee driver and install Nvidia standalone at some point? I don't see that in the provided steps. Thanks

Nope, only remove bumblebee package and follow the wiki instructions for the left over files over x11 directory and you will be ready to go

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1 -You have zero because you dont use vulkan
2- You should post this issue on github so they can fix it and make it better? xD
3- There is no point on using such a solution if you dont use vulkan or dont require extensive 3d support at all, specially for gaming nvidia drivers are the way to go till now, shame they dont do opensource drivers with better support like amd does.
4- i used it for long time and for me kde is the best desktop to use with optimus, i used to have tearing and other problems that doesnt happens on kde hehehh

Given optimus-manager is now in the repos this feature request is completed.

Issues etc. should go in their own threads.


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