There is no login and logout sound on the Deepin desktop

In previous releases, there was still a login / logout sound. I tried to configure it in dconf but it was not successful. All sound effects work, only these two do not. Has anyone else encountered this problem?

Thank you for your detailed answer. From what you’ve described, it turns out to me that Deepin is similar to closed source software in that the community can’t really influence development, much less error handling.

Sort of ..
Its also kinda like they simply do their own thing ..
For example the 'working' deepin is frozen with old libraries and unfixed bugs.
In order to use deepin in a rolling situation you need newer libs - hence newest deepin .. which is more like alpha/beta software. While that might get slightly better when that version is finished .. it will continue to be an ongoing problem unless deepin changes the way they develop their distro/DE.
And quite honestly .. there is no 'stable' deepin.
There never has been, even on ubuntus or deepins own twisted base.

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So far, I've only known about this freeze in connection with Debian.

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