there's any project to control fan system for laptop ASUS TUF FX505DY ?

hey guys i just wondering is theres any project or apps that can control my fan
i use Manjaro KDE "Lysia" and using kernel56, maybe is just my issues, the fan on my laptop is very noisy. I afraid it damages the system. Is this safe?

and i cant control with fn+f5 to control my fan is default in my laptop. Maybe there's any project for fixing my asus fan problem and how to know is fan run perfectly in my system?


 7 aur/asus-fan-control 3.8.0-1 [2+] [0.26%] [3 May 2020]
     Fan control for ASUS devices running Linux.
 8 aur/asus-fan-dkms-git v0.9.1.r54.gd9ccff8-1 [8+] [0.00%] [21 Jul 2017]
     Kernel module allowing to control (both) fan inside various ASUS laptops

The above are in AUR, obviously no idea if they work.

okay thanks.

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