This is how I've finally enabled Nvidia Graphics on my Laptop using nvidia-xrun

I was perpetually struggling with this issue, trying to accelerate Minecraft so I could comfortably play without serious lag, when I discovered an old thread on Arch Forum, which I started in 2016:

Note: I have uninstalled Bumblebee+Primus and opted for the Standalone Nvidia Proprietary Drivers. They can be found on Nvidia's website and probably in arch via the AUR or something similar.

Either install nvidia-xrun through the AUR or clone it.

If you clone it be sure to disable sddm and follow the directions in README carefully, or else it won't work.

Good Luck Everyone! :slight_smile:

Care to explain in what regard your information is better than what was already provided here

I don't use bumblebee. Instead I opt for the Standalone Proprietary Nvidia Drivers.

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