Thunar issue (Manjaro OpenBox)

dear all,
I've noticed Thunar is closing open windows by itself... has anyone else noticed this same issue and what's the reason for that?
Using Manjaro OpenBox updated to the latest, kernel 5.5.8-1.


Another weird thing that Thunar started to display late January (I then left home since early February and I'm back since a couple of days) is this: when I boot the pc, first time I open Thunar it gets very long to open the first window (never really counted, but it's not much less than 1 minute!), all the following windows then open without any lag, but the 1st one take "forever".

And now it keeps closing open ones... :frowning:

PCManFM seems to be working just fine... using this one now, but it would be good to know why Thunar is sort of broken and how to fix it...

Open Thunar from terminal and will display all the errors is facing. That way is possible to identify the root cause of the issue.

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you mean opening it and then waiting if something shows on the terminal?
Because if I open it from the terminal it... just opens and doesn't show anything else (well, so far).

so far nothing happened, window still open (it would have closed or become unresponsive by now).
Something I forgot to mention before is that Thunar windows lately not every time but a bit too often became unresponsive.

I have - very rarely and very sporadic - observed the behavior.

I have been speculating but I have never found the cause - so you could say it is a known issue - but an issue with no known explanation.

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thanks, issue has apparently become worse since I came back and updated, I'll just use PCManFM for the time being.

On stable branch? While I have observed the behavior - it has been a while since it last occurred.

Just to satisfy my curiosity - would you mind downloading the latest stable ISO - write it to USB and boot - check if you can replicate the issue?

If you want to use the updated configurations (/etc/skel/) there is a couple of new packages you need to add to your install.

  • manjaro-pacbang-gtk-theme
  • manjaro-pacbang-wallpapers
  • moka-icon-theme

sorry but no, really no time now to experiment like this, at least not in the next 2-3 days, then if there's time maybe, but please don't hold your breath waiting for me.

However, just one question: these new packages could be installed in my working pc (provided they aren't here already)?

Just forget - don't think about - just a question - as I said - curiosity - not necessary at all.

The packages are in the repo - but no need if you don't copy the new files from the skeleton folder as mentioned.

curiosity is what makes us better.

But really no time now. We're living interesting times.

Common old thunar bug of slow first open was attributed to network shares. Even if you dont use them. Turn it off and it should fix it.

Maybe you can try editing /usr/share/gvfs/mounts/network.mount by changing line AutoMount=true to AutoMount=false


Indeed - for the spiritual man - there is something to be aware of - 'last days'

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As there has been no response .. we will assume that means it fixed it ..

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