Thunderbird does not save decision (compression of local folders)

Dear all,
I have been running Manjaro XFCE. Since a few days Thunderbird always asks whether or not to compress the local folders. I deactivate the checkbox that asks if you want Thunderbird to check this again and then click "No". However, Thunderbird continues to ask about the local folders at every start. This has happened independently on 3 computers. Additionally, Thunderbird does not register the windows layout so I have to reset this every time. This must have happened with one of the recent updates. Is there a solution to the problem?

This can also affect your user account at the mail provider/host
Only when you do this does it free up space on the host,
you might get a message that you don't have enough space although the folder on the server is empty

This article has information about compacting folders in Thunderbird. There are options for disabling automatic compaction and changing the compaction threshold for your local inbox, if that is what you want to acomplish.

On the other hand, I read online about several reports for email loss after compacting folders. I can't confirm this scenario, since I never had to do such a task.
If you decide to proceed with compacting folders in Thunderbird, I suggest creating a backup of your local emails first, just to be on the safe side and to avoid possible (?) data loss. That's what I would do in this case.

As for the second issue you are having, I can't really understand what you are describing. Is it possible that some installed add-on is causing that issue? Try to start Thunderbird in safe mode (thunderbird --safe-mode) and see if that helps.

I do NOT want to compress the local folders. Interestingly, this happens on computers where there are mails stored in the local folders but also where the local folders are actually empty. If I disable the checkbox (which means that TB should remember my decision) it still asks at every startup. I haven't had any issues in years using (or not) the local folders. Additionally, as I wrote before, TB sometimes doesn't even remember the layout. That's why I am quite certain that there is a more general problem with the personal settings that began with one of the recent updates. I think I'll try a re-installation.

If you think this is a bug in Thunderbird, I would suggest reporting it to Mozilla, so that the developers can get informed about it and other Thunderbird users can benefit from fixing it.

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