Thunderbird: end of enigmail


the development of the enigmail plugin, for e-mail encryption, will end and it will get replaced by thunderbird itself. However, I received the message from the enigmail plugin yesterday.
How are the plans for updating thunderbird? Can we stick to 68.x until 78.2 is released?


Sure you can. just add your thunderbird packages to the IgnorePKG= section in your /etc/pacman.conf.

Then pacman will ignore it, until you explicitly install/update it.

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Just wondering, wouldn't the updated dependencies in the upcoming future break it?

Alternatively, you can use the flatpak or snap version of Thunderbird temporarily.

Very likely at some point. But hopefully shouldn't happen before 78.2 is out.

Yes. There's always some overlap between ESR versions for this reason.

I use Enigmail so if necessary I'll package Thunderbird ESR 68 until 78.2 is available.


Thanks, that's kind.

Yes, we should replace thunderbird with ESR releases until we have a working 78.2 version.

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It would be really nice if you can provide info when this has been taken care of, for example in the update release notes. For the moment I have added Thunderbird to the ignored packages, but I'd prefer to update the ESR release with the other packages. Thanks!

Thunderbird 78 isn't near release yet. Assuming 68 continues to be supported then switching the Manjaro package to the 68 branch means the update process should be invisible to the user - they remain on 68 until extensions etc. are updated for 78 (or rather, the main extensions are embedded within Thunderbird!).

Thunderbird 78 has now been released. In theory it is possible to activate pgp-support in it, but not only is it not considered stable yet, I also read that it cannot import Enigmail-Data yet, which is necessary because Thunderbird 78 does not use gpg as backend. They say in Thunderbird 78.2 there will be such an import-feature.
So I definitely vote for staying on 68.x until the release of 78.2 or whichever release it takes for stable pgp-support including Enigmail-Import.
I doubt the developers will dare to discontinue support for 68.x until 78 is fully functional.

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