Thunderbird, OAuth2, and Gmail

Posting this here because I am not sure if it is 100% a Manjaro problem per se.

Thunderbird available in the stable branch does not seem to like Google's security token, which prevents Gmail IMAP from working all together. Thunderbird does open a window to go through Google's security steps, including 2-step verification via SMS, but the app gets never registered and Thunderbird does not get IMAP access.

Reproduction steps (stable):

  1. Install Thunderbird
sudo pacman -Syu thunderbird
  1. Input your Gmail info (OAuth2).

Thunderbird installed via Flatpak does work just fine, so it is clearly an app-version issue. Any suggestions or info you might have regarding this issue?


This issue was reported and is fixed in version 68.2.1 of Thunderbird. See the bug report here:

Until version 68.2.1 becomes available in the repositories you can try the workaround suggested in the bug report (comment #22 in the report) and see if that works.

Edit > Preferences > Advanced > General (tab) > Config Editor > search for general.useragent.compatMode.firefox and set it to true

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Should have checked the bug tracker first, my bad. Thanks for the reply, that explains why it works via Flatpak (which is update to 68.2.1).

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