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Hi all
Hopefully this is in the correct area?
I've (finally) bitten the bullet and moved to Manjaro, and I love it. But...
Thunderbird prompts for my passwords on each launch. I'd rather not have to do this (haven't on other distros)
Checking in Thunderbird for stored passwords, there's nothing.
Currently on Manjaro 17.1.11, kernel Manjaro 17.1.11, Thunderbird 52.9.1.
Can anyone shed any light please?
I've googled and checked the forum, but maybe my search is not wuite right as nothing I've found points to a fix :frowning:Thanks all

That's not the kernel version. You get it by this command in terminal uname -a or trouth inxi -F
Anyway ... moving on.

Yes there is, for the accounts and a master password too.

What I mean is

Can you post a screenshot of the password prompt you're getting?


And I have tried clicking the 'Use password manager' checkbox. Makes no difference

Do you have the gnome-keyring and libgnome-keyring installed or do you have another password manager to store passwords ?

Err, whichever came with Manjaro XFCE I guess?

Installed both, makes no difference, still prompting for passwords. Even tried a reboot just in case

AFAIK, thunderbird does not require gnome-keyring to store passwords. Instead, it stores all credentials in it's own database named signons.sqlite.

Can you try renaming ~/.thunderbird and setting thunderbird back up from scratch?

Renaming and setting up seems to work, but of course I loose all of my existing emails. I copied across from the old folder, and of course that then goes back to prompting each time. I deleted the logins,json file (struck me a fairly logical that would be the store) but makes no difference

You are using imap, so you won't loose the emails.

unless you really want everyone to know all your email addresses I suggest removing that picture, blocking out the email addresses using an image editor and then re-uploading it.

I'm using pop3

Why would you use pop3 for a gmail account....?

Nevermind then.

sorry, my gmail is imap, my main accounts are pop3

And the pop up password thing is a token for gmail. That's why I thought your problem was with gmail.

Ahh no, there's also one for the other pop3 account which has the 'use password store etc

You might want to try moving your pop3 mail to a fresh thunderbird profile (since the fresh profile seems to work). I don't have a pop3 account to test this with, but from this support ticket it seems like it should be fairly simple. I recommend backing up your existing .thunderbird profile just in case you need to revert to it.

Thanks for the suggestion, but as already said, if I do that, I loos e all of my old emails (not an option). It appears to be connected to the files in .thunderbird/profilename but I can't figure which one. If I delete them all, I can't see emails, if I put them all back....Passwords please :rofl:

I seem to recall that there's a program to remove all passwords from the system, but....can't recall what it's called. Any suggestions please so I can try that?

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