Thunderbird Passwords

In your thunderbird account settings, choose "normal password" instead of "OAuth". This might require you to go into your google account and allow logging in from "less secure" methods of authentication.

Can't see that option, where?

The problem isn't just with gmail. All mail including pop3 accounts keep prompting for passwords

Any specific reasons to use pop3? Why not use imap? I can't imagine working without imap. Many users may have access to the account on Thunderbird and the changes are synced - a must at work. Also, there is no need to use web interfaces anymore.

You mean IMAP. SMTP is just for sending mail.

Ah, yeah. For me both go with each other ;). Thanks. Corrected above.

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After applying the changes in the article are you still getting an authentication popup from Google still?

IIRC this is a user profile issue. Navigate to $HOME/.thunderbird, then to the profile directory.

Move the secmod.db file out of the way and try again.

Many of the steps apply for Thunderbird as for Firefox:

Deleted secmod.db same again

OK, so try cert*.db, key*.db, and ensure your current user owns all files in your home directory:

sudo chown -R $USER: $HOME

Still the same

And does it work with a fresh profile?

Did you read the Firefox troubleshooting thread I linked to? All of the same steps work for Thunderbird.

Yes it does work with a fresh profile, but I loose all of my old emails as they are (mainly) on POP3

Your emails are still on disk, you can point the new profile at them.

Or, you could try a diff between this new profile and your old profile to see what the differences are, then merge things back until you hit the thing that doesn't work. meld works really well for that.

Or, you could read the Firefox thread I linked to and try things like safe mode and disabling extensions and checking your prefs.js file and all that.

Or, you could run thunderbird in a terminal and see if it provides any useful output.

Or, you could wait for more wild guesses from random people on the internet. :wink:

I mean, Thunderbird not saving/being able to see passwords is 9 times out of 10 an issue with the secmod.db database and not an issue with Thunderbird at all:

Thanks for the advice Jonathon, appreciated. I guess though that if I remove most of the files from the profile, and then add them back one by one I should find where I can see my emails and save passwords. Thanks again

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