Time is inaccurate and causing visual issues

When I set the timezone as EDT, it is slightly off by 1 minute and 1 second (now I wouldn't mind this too much and idk if the time being off is completely related) which I believe is causing my Firefox to mess up time for example, 2020-08-08_17-45, I have not found any way to fix this and I was hoping that someone might be able to figure out why this is going on, all help is appreciated, thanks in advance!

Dual-booting with windows, I presume? Otherwise,

why are you doing/having to do this?

Nope, I am not Dual-booting with windows!

I set the timezone to EDT because the clock got it wrong when it auto configured itself

Ok then, this should fix you up:


I went through the whole guide but it did not help, it has incorrectly changed my time again and hasn't fixed the issue I am having, do you know what the issue might be?

EDIT: So it half fixed it
It incorrectly set my time but after I set it to the proper timezone, it seems to be aligned with the time I should be getting and fixed the 4 hours issue in the screenshot above

Outputs of:

  1. timedatectl show-timesync --all

  2. timedatectl status

  3. timedatectl timesync-status

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