Tips on cleaning up applications you do not use anymore?

Over the years I've installed packages from the repository as well as from AUR.

I am now looking for a good way to see all my packages and their dependencies and decide on what to uninstall (and to do this in an easy way) since my booting time has gone up quite a bit and updating packages leaves me compiling packages from the AUR for hours.

I doubt that this is related to the number of packages installed. It's not Windows after all :slight_smile:

You can use pacman -Qdt to list obsolete/unneeded packages and dependencies.
Arch Wiki has more info on pacman and its abilities:

simply use the "clean system", "list installed from aur", and "remove packages + deps" options in pacui.

if you want to do the cleaning manually, here are the commands including detailed descriptions:


For that I use pkgbrowser. It can't add or remove packages, just view them, but in a very nice way.

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