Tips & Tricks for your new Pinebook Pro

Congratulations on your new Pinebook Pro with Manjaro ARM KDE Plasma.

Here's a couple of tips and tricks which could be useful for you and your experience with the Pinebook Pro.

First a couple of facts:

  • Manjaro ARM is an aarch64 only distribution. Meaning it's 64-bit kernel and userspace.

  • Manjaro ARM is a semi-rolling release, meaning it's split into branches.

  • By default, your installation is set to run on the arm-stable branch. This means that it should recieve updates a couple of times pr month.

  • Manjaro ARM is also a mainline distribution as much as possible. Which means a lot of the Pinebook Pro support is bleeding edge technologies and will change alot in the future.

  • Your default install uses @tsys's linux-pinebookpro kernel tree, to ensure it has the best support possible on an up to date kernel.


The Manjaro ARM team recommends doing the following:

  • Always keep your system up to date (partial upgrades are not supported).

  • Either make sure you read the update announcements on the forum (it has an RSS option too) or install mntray from the repositories and run it.


  • If you want to help testing packages and applications before they hit arm-stable branch, you can switch branches to either arm-testing or arm-unstable (if you are really adventurous) and provide feedback in the Update threads for that branch on the forum. To switch branch, edit /etc/pacman-mirrors.conf and change the Branch = variable from arm-stable to either arm-testing or arm-unstable. Save the file and run sudo pacman-mirrors -f5 && sudo pacman -Syyu to update your mirrorlist, package databases and your system to match the new branch.

  • While widevine is not directly supported on our platform, we have made it possible to still watch DRM content via our chromium-docker package, which downloads an armv7h system and installs Chromium with Widevine inside that.

Possible issues

  1. If there is no Wifi present on your device when you get it, it might be because the factory forgot to turn off the WiFi Hardware Kill Switch. To do this press PINE+ F11, so the LED blinks twice. Then reboot. This should bring back the WiFi.

This post will get updated if we think of more.

Enjoy your Pinebook Pro.
-- The Manjaro ARM Team


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