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I am running a new installation of Manjaro KDE with Kernel 4.19.56 on a Thinkpad X250

I'd like to get TLP installed correctly. Output from tlp-stat -b on my laptop indicates:

natacpi = active (data, thresholds)
tpacpi-bat = inactive (kernel module 'acpi_call' not installed)
tp-smapi = inactive (ThinkPad not supported)


  • Install acpi_call kernel module for ThinkPad battery recalibration

However in the linrunner guidance it says that:

starting with Kernel 4.17 tpacpi-bat gets superseded by a new, native kernel API called 'natacpi'. tlp-stat -b indicates this as follows:

+++ Battery Features
natacpi = active (data, thresholds)
tpacpi-bat = inactive (discharge)
tp-smapi = inactive (ThinkPad not supported)

With full natacpi support, you won't need external kernel module packages anymore.

My question is, do I need to install an additional kernel module (e.g. acpi_call) or not?
Any guidance welcome, thanks.

I have a ThinkPad T530 and get with every new kernel-version (XY) automatically a package linuxXY-acpi_call. Don't remember if it's because of the packages acpi and acpid which are installed too or if I sometime did write something in a certain file. All I know is, yes you need the kernel modules to get it working.

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the suggestion from tlp-stat -b is correct. The FAQ is a bit outdated, i'll update it asap.


Hey! Its you :heart:

Thanks all for your replies.

So just to clarify, I will use the following command to install acpi_call:

sudo apt-get install acpi-call-dkms

uh... Manjaro doesn't use apt-get. It's pacman or pamac ? pamac might be more familiar.

pamac install acpi_call-dkms

honestly... neither does ubuntu or mint .. they all just use apt now ...

anyways, yes please use one of our package managers :wink:

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Oops, my bad! Accidentally copied command from the Ubuntu section.

Thanks everyone.

Why would you want to use the dkms packages instead of the precompiled module packages:

linux419-acpi_call 1.1.0-52
linux52-acpi_call 1.1.0-2

Just curious...

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I was purely following guidance at No mention of the above there, unless I missed it. Is this method preferable?

Well, I guess it is a matter of taste or personal preference. I always prefer the precompiled binary packages coming with Manjaro. This is a competitive advantage of Manjaro compared to other distros. It comes with a whole bunch of precompiled modules, incl. ZFS for example. I rely on that. I also believe it helps trouble shooting and bug fixing if everybody uses the same binary.

Thanks. Can I just go ahead and install these two module packages via Pamac? Or is it more involved than this?

No. Just go ahead and install. Afterwards a reboot will be necessary.

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Strictly speaking, you only need acpi_call for some battery related features on ThinkPads, like battery calibration or discharge.

As mbod said, always use the precompiled modules unless you run a custom kernel.

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Ok, so hopefully my last question. I tried the following command:

sudo pacman linux419-acpi_call 1.1.0-52

and it returned:

error: no operation specified

Forgive my ignorance :grimacing:

You ran the wrong command :wink:

You should run

pamac install linux419-acpi_call


sudo pacman -S linux419-acpi_call

Notice that pacman and pamac have different syntax!

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