TLP System Startup/Shutdown Freeze during boot

--- I installed Manjaro Linux with Architect and the system hangs on TLP System startup/shutdown.
I wanted to install it on my new laptop
I Tried to use a KDE ISO of Manjaro but the live USB wouldn't boot but due to the same issue.
I can access the command line with Ctl + Alt F2 The computer I have is the ASUS TUF Laptop FX505DT-EB73
Heres a link just in case.

AMD Ryzen 7 3750H

GeForce GTX 1650

I added a 2 TB drive
<inxi -Fxz/>
Output in Screenshot on my Google drive
(Sorry I don't know how to copy the output and paste it in Text without a GUI)

I hope this is clear enough I can read out anything that isn't visible just ask.

If you can get into a tty, log in as the root user, and then issue the following commands...:

pacman -S haveged
systemctl enable --now haveged.service

Then proceed with the rest of your installation. :wink:

More information at this link. :wink:

How will a random Number generator help with a boot issue? ...
I did install it just in case as I don't think it can cause harm...
I have completed the installation already. I just can't access the GUI of the system
I used architect as I could skip the issue at boot with the live USB with KDE
But the same issue is now occurring where I don't have access to the login screen

When people report freezes during the TLP phase of the boot-up sequence, then it's usually that. It has to do with the entropy in the system. Some machines have too little entropy and that's why the system appears to be frozen. The random number generator helps in creating more entropy. :slight_smile:

Ill Give you one thing your funny

Well, had you looked around on the forum before posting your question, then you would have come across the same problem, and the same solution.

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Thanks actually I found a "kind of solution " After giving the forums another check.
It was an issue with the video-nvidia config and video-linux

mhwd -li (displays configs)
mhwd --remove pci video-nvidia (Removes config)
mhwd --remove pci video-linux 
mhwd -a pci free 0300


So its a graphics issue

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