[TOC] Boot-GRUB problems

This is a Table of Contents of current Tutorials about boot problems, including GRUB, UEFI, rEFInd

List Updated: 26 Aug 2018

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Adding one more to the list, I hope this info is still relevant, just boot help:

Please check it out.
And I think you (everyone) should start embracing the contribution principle for such topics (Tutorials-Wiki style). I guess you can view the "Edit" button on OT, which means you can edit/add what you believe it suits.
Just copy/paste/save... :wink:

I wouldn't know if it is still relevant. I'm not following Manjaro development and changes that closely. To be honest, I wasn't quite sure when I wrote it. I was looking for some boot related guide at that time since I was confused with several different ways that can be used to help yourself at boot problems and I couldn't find any.

So I started to search everything I could find on the topic and put something together more as a reminder/cheat sheet for myself pieced together from all over the place.

I have no clue what are contributing principles for Wiki style tutorial. I never submitted anything to Wiki. Nor I'm going to try to learn yet another new thing for me. Sorry, getting to old for learning.

If you can, please redo it, or rewrite it (or someone else) so it would meet the criteria. If it is too of the mark, too outdated and there is no one to modernize it and make it Wiki compatible, it can/should be deleted.

It looks fine. Any issues may be reported by users, if they are obsolete.
Copy paste a link, time consumed: 10 seconds.

Have fun!

Ah, I misunderstood you. I though my tutorial need to be edited and changed so it become Wiki compatible. My bad & thanks.

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