Tor private window in Brave browser

Does New private window with Tor works for you who use Brave browser. I just got it installed and I am trying it out but when I open such a window it just does not connect


I do not use a proxy server.

Just tested it. It does. Does Tor Browser (Official) work ?

What do you mean?
You installed tor browser and now brave doesnt work?
Or do you mean you installed some addon ? Or that you set up a TOR node ?

Yes, it does.

No, it is about this Private Window /incognito mode that you can open in Brave which connects over Tor.

Brave Browser has a Tor "mode"


All other privacy/security concerns with brave notwithstanding ..
TOR team specifically states to not install their browser or to make any modifications, or to use TOR in any other way. The instructions are to get the bundled browser from them directly and launch that. AUR packages for tor browser seem to just automate this - but as with all things there its your responsibility to look at the pkgbuild and make your own decision.

I havent looked at it but I have about 0 confidence that "braves tor" works as it should...


Look i don't use it either, because it had issues and i have no idea how it connects to tor.

To be clear .. I may have chuckled .. but I didnt mean it at your expense :wink:
(whether or not you use that 'secure' browser)

Yeah! No worries! :smiley:

Might be that you are right. I was just curious when I saw that feature. I dont actually use Brave but when things are not working when they-as advertised- I start to wonder why...

I would only ever download and install tor from the tor site itself, as for Brave I do not personally trust them. I don't buy for a second that you can be privacy centric and still push ads.

The only reason i use it is this:

If that happens on Firefox, it's gone.

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You mean the chromium feature to do something you could also do manually or through a SSB?
(btw as with any modern chrom* browser ungoogled-chromium can do that too)

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How ?!?!?!?!


The exact same way.
Like I said - its a chromium feature.

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Well son of a &!#%&%. How the hell did i not see that ?

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Well something just got uninstalled !


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