Torrents for Manjaro Preview Releases

I'm very slowly downloading manjaro-xfce-17.0-beta1-unstable-x86_64.iso, so tried to find a torrent for it, but perhaps my Google-fu is weak.

Where can I find .torrent files for the Manjaro Preview Releases?

I'm not sure there are torrent files for the preview releases, I usually download them directly from the location provided in the announcement thread.

Both official preview releases can be downloaded here.

They don't make official torrents for the preview releases. Your best bet would be to change mirrors in Sourceforge.

@Strit is the one who makes torrents. If you ask him nicely, he might make some. Assuming he has time and opportunity.

As a principle I don't create torrents for preview releases, since they usually have very short lifespan, gets updated regularly and even change naming scheme.

I can create "1 offs" if the community feel it is needed, but since the lifespan of these ISO's are usually shorter than 2-3 weeks, they would need to get picked up quick, before they die out again.

  • Don't create torrents for developement releases!
  • Create torrents for the most popular developement releases (xfce 64-bit and kde 64-bit)!

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I totally understand if it's a hassle (regardless of the poll outcome (and thanks for setting it up, BTW!)).

I probably just need to finally move from Windows to downloading with aria2c ... which the downloaded image will now let me do :slight_smile:

I didn't know that polls were possible on the forum... is there a list of current polls anywhere?

Don't think so. :slight_smile:

I created one here:

So far, 73% of 15 voters feel it's not needed to create torrents for these. I will be doing the torrents of real Releases though, as per usual.

Well, it makes no sense at all to create torrents for our preview releases. Often we even reupload the ISOs to fix found issues for retesting. It is better to use a application like uGet which has the possibility to use several mirrors on the same time like torrents do. Sourceforge has 20 different mirrors currently. Simply use two from your area and let uGet deal with the rest.

sudo pacman -S uget

I know. Was just curious since some people where asking for it, but I agree with you. They change, get updated to often and are useless when the final release happens. :slight_smile:

There probably won't be enough seeders for the preview releases, either.


You have me convinced - I'm changing my vote. Thanks @philm for the suggestions on tools.

For posterity, others may find this guide useful on setting up Firefox to use uGet with aria2c backend.


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