Toshiba laptop display problem

the Toshiba laptop showing display problem. the brightness of the display fluctuates. sometimes it flashes. I don't understand why it's happening. I have visited Toshiba Support, I didn't get any solution for this issue. if anyone faced this please share with us. can anyone help me to fix it?

There are many Toshiba laptop models.

Does this happen when you tap the side of the screen for example. I'm thinking a faulty connection somewhere.

screen power inverter board, snagged cable, loose cable, faulty power circuit on the notebook's motherboard, loose or broken power supply connector, dodgy power supply, dodgy battery etc.

there are far too many possibilities that can cause screen flicker and varying brightness to help you personally fix it via comments in a linux distribution thread. unless you have the appropriate tools to hand you'd be better off taking it to a local repair shop for full investigation.

Maybe you will see an event when it happen:

sudo libinput debug-events

I Had a similar problem but without the flashing:

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