Toshiba right speaker dont working anymore

My right speaker from the toshiba laptop dont work anymore. i have 32bit system and its up-to-date. I have switch to older/newer kernels, but doesn't work. I think my settings isn't good. I look in inbould manjaro sound gui settings, but there all good. I think the settings is deeper in the system, i look in alsamixer in terminal and all settings are good.
What to do now??

I have manjaro exfc
And update to this:

Boot off the install media - does the speaker work from there?

If it doesn't then it is a hardware fault (blown speaker or loose wire or a whole other slew of problems).

also, it may sound daft but there may be lint in the headphone jack. if you have a can of compressed air, give that a quick blast but make sure it is upright if the can is not invertable to avoid dousing your laptop in freezing cold chemicals. then plug in and unplug headphones. see if that makes any difference.

There's also a new stable update pack with some kernel updates which will be worth trying.

What was the solution?

Not. The hardware of the speaker is broken! haha! :stuck_out_tongue:

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