Toshiba Satellite L775-13D - secure boot option missing

Trying to boot the live xfce dvd, but it ignores the dvd and boots windows. In the bios I can see no option to disable secure boot or anything about UEFI - baffled.

Any ideas?


Maybe something here:

I saw that, did not help, the options they talk about are not there......

can you take pics of your bios screens? It's not logical that there would be no mention of UEFI in your bios screens.

Will do, it is my wife's she is currently factory restoring it.

She updated it to windows 10, but got a constant BSOD, so I convinced her to install Manjaro - just could not boot the bloody disk and Google was no help.

Toshibas are the worst, you may have to use windows sadly as they block anything from DVD and USB that is not windows.
Hell the last toshiba I had could only do windows 8 and I swore off toshiba forever.
Shame too as they make great machines but lack the vision to allow anything other than windows on them

Not sure on Toshiba, but with Acer UEFI bios's the option is there but it's hidden. In order to access it you need to create an administrator password in the bios. Make sure you write it down, if you forget it you are el-screwed'o. Once the password is created and you become the holy administrator the option then magically appears. You can then disable it and go and change the password to blank (so you don't ever get locked out) and the setting will stick. Again, don't know if this will work, but this is how I did it on Acer machines. Also be sure you are on the latest bios, they sometimes disable secure boot on a new computer release then add it back in via a bios update.

Thanks, will try that. She is still trying windows 10,the update gets stuck on 99%. My life would be so much easier if I could have got the bloody disc to boot :joy:

Thanks @MadmanRB, I was slowly coming to that conclusion.

I mean you could try Ubuntu which while we love to joke about and poke fun of it in my case does have a good success rate on UEFI hardware.
I have had cases where other distros failed to load on a UEFI machine but Ubuntu work fine

But if I cannot boot a disk, I cannot install anything, my partner will have to stay on windows, which is still upgrading and stuck on 99%

Well you can trey another computer if you have one to burn a iso

Think we are getting our wires crossed.

The Toshiba will not boot a dvd, so cannot install any linux distro. Unless I can turn off secure boot...

Did you try a USB thumbdrive? thats another avenue

Not yet, don't own one any more, usb hard drives are better value, can get one tomorrow. Update from factory reset is still running.........

it's not like you need a very good one to install Linux... any 4gb (less actually) will do.


Yadda yadda :slight_smile: I know, but I spent £30 on a 500gb hard drive (in the sales, 3-4 years ago, fits in my pocket) will buy a flash drive tomorrow. If the w10 install fails, but is looking good atm. Will try to post the bios images Monday as am at work over weekend.

Guys, I found my solution in updating my windows 7 ultimate Toshiba laptop to win 10 pro, just reformated the system using USB bootable device. I use Rufus 3.9 app to create a USB bootable device but you need to change one thing on the settings, in partition scheme, select MBR - Target system (BIOS (or UEFI-CSM). Then start. Hope it helps.

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