Touch support in GTK3 apps on Xfce

Hello community,

I'm using a convertible (Thinkpad X200T, Manjaro Xfce) and it has stylus input though no finger touch. Stylus input as such is perfectly working, I can control the mouse cursor and do a right and left mouse button click.

However, since there is no mouse wheel, I cannot scroll in application in a simple way. For Firefox there is an extension for exactly this task, ScrollAnywhere. However, most other apps don't offer "drag to scroll" functionality.

I read that this is dependent on the toolkit in use. GTK3 offers this while GTK2 does not: However, if I'm not mistaken, the atril package from the community/ repo is build against GTK3 but still I cannot scroll by dragging and don't see a setting to enable this scrolling mode. Even Evince (which is only available for GTK3) doesn't work this way.

So I wonder is some further configuration is required or if I need to wait for Xfce GTK3 to land in the repos?

Thanks for any input and a happy new year!

xfce4 gtk3 is already in repos, long time ago. I think it's also used in ISOs v.18 series.

Sorry, my bad, what I meant to say was something along the lines "when it gets the default package in the repos and automatically substitutes the gtk2 xfce4 packages which then become xfce4-gtk2". :slight_smile:

Any experience about changing to xfce4-gtk3 by hand (and possibly changing back in case things work not as expected)?

It is easier in GUI like pamac or octopi.
Find if there are packages with two versions, one with -gtk3 and one without. Then install the proper version (for example package-gtk3 ). Some packages don’t have dual versions.

The packages will change naming when they do.. :rofl: Only Devs decision. I assume it will take long, or never.

Maybe you can make use of the package in AUR called touchegg that helps to define some touch gestures. touchegg-gce-git is the GUI for it …

@AgentS: Thanks! What about user config files, are they compatible?

@bogdancovaciu: Thanks, I will give it a go if the GTK3 version of Xfce won't solve the problem automagically. :slight_smile:

I am not sure. You better compare them. I believe you can see some important difference. Check the new (gtk3) skel


with the relevant pair at ~/.config/xfce4/*

Now that Xfce 4.14 has been released, I could test the scrolling by dragging and it still does not work. I wonder which magic Ubuntu Mate is using to make it work. :slight_smile:

What about edge scrolling, my TP give me that option.

Which one do you use? Mine is quite old already, an X200T from around 2009-2010.

X1C6, was not a need but a must have. And I'm happy with the 2k screen. Exept fingerprint all is working fine.

Well, that's quite a lot newer than mine. :slight_smile:

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