Touchpad not working Ideapad 5 AMD

There is already a discussion about this at configuring AMD Ryzen 4500u laptop however this thread is specifically about the touchpad issue. I have found a lot of posts similar to this but about different laptops, and the resolution most of them came to was "update your kernel". I am using the latest 5.7.2 and I am wondering if this will be fixed soon with a kernel update (maybe 5.8?)
The touchpad works occasionally so there is at least a half-functioning driver. surely it wouldn't take too much work to get it fixed.

Hi !
I have the same laptop and used instructions on Arch wiki to make the touchpad work.
I am using 5.6 kernel which is embedded in latest Manjaro ISOs (because newer kernels aren't stable enough ?), and it works completely fine now !
Don't forget to reboot after blacklisting the broken module.

Edit for future readers: as stated by @squidink7, you should shut down and boot again rather than reboot your laptop

Sadly, these instructions do not work for me with the 14are05 model...

Could you post the output of following commands:
xinput list
dmesg (to run possibly with sudo)
lsmod | grep elan

sigh sorry for shouting just got a little excited.
I am using the 5.7 kernel and it still didn't work, but that fixed it. let's just hope it will work without doing anything in a later kernel version.

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I found that I had to shut down and then power on again (not reboot) to make it work.

Well I don't know what happened but it just stopped working. I booted it up and the mouse didn't move. It did work for a while though, so I wonder what happened.

Edit: aaand it's working again. This time I'm sure I didn't do anything. It appears this solution is a little unreliable, but hey, it's the best we got for now.

Upon further usage it appears to still error out and stop working occasionally but not as often as it used to. just hoping 5.8 fixes it completely.

Could you open ksyslog and check if you also have those
I2C_designware controller timed out
errors when the touchpad is not working?

yes I do, when the touchpad doesn't work I used my keyboard to bring up konsole and dmesg gave the same timed out error.

Can you confirm the touchpad almost never works if you reboot instead of shut down and then power on?

It sometimes works by just rebooting but it may take a couple of tries

If we could find out which parts of the system need to be restarted to give the touchpad a chance to function, we could put it in a script and restart it until it works. For example, one could restart the whole i2c controller:

Or we could try to find out which kinds of shutdown/startup/reboot procedures there are and what needs to be satisfied to make the touchpad work on the next startup.

that's a good idea, although I wouldn't know how to do that myself.

I take it you got your touchpad working since then, how reliable has it been for you?

I think it's round about 50:50. However, it does not seem totally random, it has "streeks" in the good and the bad way...

That has been my experience too although has about a 15:1 works to broken ratio

do you know of any way we might go about doing this?

Did blacklisting the elants_i2c module make any difference for you?

Yes, my touchpad went from working 1 in every 15 times to not working 1 in every 15 times after I blacklisted the module

Ok, I rebooted a few times and it is unresponsive a little more than that, but I can't seem to pinpoint a pattern, it seems very random to me.

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