Touchpad tap doesn't work

Hi! After recent update of Manjaro I can't tap with my touchpad, i.e. I can't make a click by tapping touchpad. Left and right button of the touchpad work. The touchpad works fully in other OS. Could you please tip how to fix this and start using touchad fully?

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Some KDE System Settings may have been re-set to their defaults

  • System Settings > Input Devices > Touchpad > Tap-to-click
  • Scrolling
  • The compositor could get disabled during the upgrade which will stop all of the KDE eye-candy

@bogdancovaciu, @antman, thanks! I looked at the thread you linked, @bogdancovaciu. For me it is just quite big, it contains a lot of info, surely I'll understand it, but slightly later; I can live with not fully-working touchpad easily.
@antman, Screenshot_20190704_134724
I looked to the settings you mentioned, I can't edit tapping-related settings atm.

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Try to restart your laptop once more

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Thanks!! Now touchpad fully operates! Just enabled tapping.

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