Transifex comment denied on manjaro-pamac

I'm translating manjaro-pamac on Transifex and there is this string to translate: [y/N]
I don't know if I can translate this string, in Italian it should be [s/N] but will pamac understand correctly the s answer?

This is an example of a typical problem for which I'd create a comment on Transifex, but it appears I'm not allowed in manjaro-pamac repository. How can I signal this and similar problems?

@guinux I think this one is for you.

you have to translate 3 strings :

  • [y/N]
  • y
  • yes

pamac test only if response is "y" or "yes"


Nice, later I will translate those string.
What about Transifex comments?

In Italian there is a problem, we can write si or , there is an optional stress mark so there are two possible answers. I think that the one without the stress mark is more common, but it is also a bit wrong from a language perspective.

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