Translating Manjaro Hello

Hi! I was unsure where to post, but I've been trying to figure out how I can help translate stuff for Manjaro. I found out about transifex, and I've been translating a couple of strings to Norwegian.

I noticed that Manjaro-Hello was not fully translated to Norwegian. I found the transifex link, but I can't seem to join the team there. I also says there's been no activity for a while, and that the app is fully translated to my language, which is not correct of course.

I was wondering - am I at the right place? If so, how can I join the team. If it's not the right place, where do I have to go to translate? Is the "Read me" and "release notes" parts not supposed to be translated? If they are, where do I go to translate those?

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Those are part of the gitlab project. Translate the files and attach them in a issue so we may add them.

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