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hello guys, I hope that you are having a fantastic day.
I need your assistance on this matter, I would like to get rid of the transparent frame on the submenus. I tried to look for it on all the theming settings that I have on lxqt but I was not able to find the solution that I'm looking for. Can you help guys?

Thanks in advance..


Is that a kvantum qt theme? You might need to make the changes in kvantum.

I was trying to do so but I need exactly what I need to change on the kvantum theme to get rid of that?

I was able to resolve it. just follow the instructions below:

1- Go to the theme file that most of the time is located in .config/theme_name/theme_name.cfg.
2-search the option that it says: translucent_windows.
3-change the value of it. by default it is translucent_windows=true, so what you need to do is change it to false

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