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i'm using manjaro kde . is there anyway i could make my panel transparent ??
i've been trying to do this for a short time. i googled about this and it shows some old threads which has already expired and some people says you can't do it.
is there any solutions ??

3 ways:

  1. Switch to a theme that has a transparent panel
  2. Edit the files of your current theme manually
  3. Use a latte-dock which is a drop in replacement for the plasma panel

I usually use option #3 since it is simple, just works and adds more functionality than just transparency.

IMO, latte-dock is what the plasma panel should be like, fully configurable.


thanks mate. i could go with option 3 as well .but could you give me a thread in which i could use the second method ?


4th way: You can set the transparency of any window in KDE, if you configure shortcuts for it.

Go to System Settings -> Window Management -> Window Behaviour -> Window Actions.

Under "Inner Window, Titlebar and Frame Actions" set the "Modifier key" to, for example Alt and under "Mouse Wheel" set "Change opacity".

Now you can hold Alt and use the mouse wheel to change the opacity of any window, including the panel. It's independent of themes.


i've tried it .but it does't seems to be working brother . i've applied the settings and pointed mouse arrow to the panel . then pressed the alt key and mouse scrolled . nothing happend .but other tweaks with the alt key is working good

Hi, I found a tiny widget which will add this to the panel. Use the 'get more widgets' search and look for panel transparency and install it. Then drag the installed widget to your panel and use the little slider - which does not hide itself, but will enable/disable.


thanks bro it's working . i tried it earlier but i hadn't enabled the compositer at that time . now it's works like a charm :kissing_smiling_eyes:

HtH! Cheers!

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