Tray spacing doesn't work after upgrade


Before the upgrade these lines was in /usr/share/plasma/plasmoids/org.kde.plasma.private.systemtray/contents/ui/main.qml

//Main Layout
    Flow {
        id: tasksRow
        spacing: 15
        height: parent.height - (vertical && expander.visible ? expander.heig>
        width: parent.width - (vertical || !expander.visible ? 0 : expander.w>
        property string skipItems
        flow: vertical ? Flow.LeftToRight : Flow.TopToBottom
        //To make it look centered
        y: Math.round(height/2 - childrenRect.height/2)
        x: (expander.visible && LayoutMirroring.enabled ? expander.width : 0)>

        //Do spacing with margins, to correctly compute the number of lines
        property QtObject marginHints: QtObject {
            property int left: Math.round(units.smallSpacing / 2)
            property int top: Math.round(units.smallSpacing / 2)
            property int right: Math.round(units.smallSpacing / 2)
            property int bottom: Math.round(units.smallSpacing / 2)
etc. etc.

But now replaced by;

  //Main Layout
    GridLayout {
        id: mainLayout

        rowSpacing: 0
        columnSpacing: 0
        anchors.fill: parent

        flow: vertical ? GridLayout.TopToBottom : GridLayout.LeftToRight

        GridView {
            id: tasksGrid
            Layout.alignment: Qt.AlignCenter
etc. etc.

The thing is columnSpacing: 0seems to do nothing when changing its value. Is there other way to add spaces between the tray icons?


The thing is that KDE Plasma developers changed the Tray to this:


Is not yet in stable and only present in Git version, but soon will be the new standard. As you can see, is all compact on the panel, but the Tray dropdown has a new layout. Modifying the files you mentioned, will give you some bad mojo in future.
I need to explore more about this and see if there will be a way to keep the current look, that happens to like a bit more in some regards.


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I sure hope there's going to be a toggle for that. Not a fan of a big grid.

Darn ... I really like some space between each icon.


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