Triple boot with existing (windows 10 + Ubuntu) dual boot

Hello guys!
I have a laptop with windows 10 + Ubuntu dual boot.
Can I add Manjaro as a 3rd option?
Thank you vey much!

Yes you can do that.
You should then use manjaro-Grub.
Ubuntu -Grub otherwise recognizes no manjaro.

Thank you sir for your kind answer.
How can I do that without destroying everything?

That should help you.

This is for dual booting with windows.
I already dual boot windows 10 + ubuntu with grub loader.
So basically I need a triple boot tutorial!

Yes, you just leave Ubuntu as it is.
Manjaro-Grub should be installed during the insatllation.

And if you do it wrong, and Ubuntu updates its GRUB, and then you kernel panic trying to boot Manjaro, don't panic yourself. It is easy to recover (I recommend you searching for posts by @gohlip on how to make sure you do not use Ubuntu's GRUB, but even if you do, how to restore Manjaro's).

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