Trouble Booting With linux49

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I'm working with an older system (Q6600, 4GB RAM) and having some trouble getting Manjaro to boot with linux49. Specifically, the root filesystem won't load, and the keyboard won't respond in the recovery shell. I'm getting errors of the following type:

module: overflow in relocation type 10 val XXXXXXXXXXX
'usbcore' likely not compiled with -mcmodel=kernel
module: overflow in relocation type 10 val XXXXXXXXXXX
'scsi_mod' likely not compiled with -mcmodel=kernel

This appears to be related to the scsi_mod and usbcore modules, which have a number of errors related to -mcmodel=kernel not being set at compile time. From what I've gathered, this likely has to due with the modules getting mapped to the higher end of the RAM space, which is probably the result of low RAM in my system. However, I'm no kernel guru, and could use some help resolving this issue. Any help resolving this issue would be greatly appreciated.


Edit: The issue was resolved this morning by updating to v107 of linux49 (among other things). Thanks for everyone who helped make that possible!

for now, you can install the previous version:

The issue with this might be the gcc8.1 fixes added to v106. Other than that, nothing changed between v104 and v105. Here the announcement.

Are you using a USB keyboard with a Gigabyte mobo. If so you may need to edit /etc/default/grub and add the line:


Some Gigabyte mobos have bad usb support on Linux and usb devices do not function correctly. If you have one of the affected Gigabyte mobos then using an old PS/2 keyboard may be best (that's what I do).

(edit) forgot to mention, after changes:

sudo update-grub
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I have same issue with MSI mobo, nvme Kingston KC1000, lot of 32GB RAM

System can't load OS partition (UUID use in fstab) but disc works finely in live manjaro OS, no problem for launch W10 with dual boot...

Please either downgrade to v4.9.105 or install another kernel. Seems with 106 a regression got introduced.

I'll try to figure out the issue.

Just posting to say that I've had the same issue, and solved it reverting back to earlier kernel as Benob instructs in his post hinted at by steanne in this here thread.

I always keep a live system at the ready, always proves handy.

Manjaro i3 on an Asus U36S laptop.

Just to say I have the same problem and dealt with it as Benob suggested. I use Manjaro Gnome but had an older installation of Manjaro Cinnamon on another partition and after updating that had the same problem. Both installations shared the same home, swap and efi partitions.

Asus RIVE-BE motherboard.

This issue is another post about the same thing and can be marked as resolved.

The issue has been resolved with the v107 update of linux49. Thanks for all the help!

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