Trouble installing Manjaro on emachines W3623 computer

Okay, good luck.
Oh, if I am away, @AgentS will be more than capable (and willing) to help you.

Take care. Hope you have more success this time.

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Thank you!

This machine may be old enough to have a 32bit bios but I can not figure out how to verify.
Anyhow Debian bootloader handles 32bit bios booting much better than some others maybe that explains why it works with Debian.

I had amd64 version installed on it. Does it somehow revert to a x86 if it’s wrong?

Edit: I did have Manjaro run when I partitioned half my Debian drive. It booted up and ran really smooth.

You know I’ve been at this long enough that I think you’re right. It doesn’t work if Debian isn’t installed

Take a long hard look at the link again.
Read completely the first post. It is not difficult.
Whether you have a separate boot or not, there are instructions in it.
And there are output required should you need help.

If you had successfully installed/booted up before in 64 bits, it should be 64 bit capable.
Confirm with the specs in the manufacturer website.

> 64-bit Computing                  Yes

Just for your own sanity you can check with the terminal command.
sudo dmidecode -t bios
and see if it reports >> runtime size = 64 kbs.

Anyway please do not get side tracked from @gohlip's advise.

Okay so just to make sure I am doing this correctly I took pictures. Sorry for the bad image quality. Also thank you for your patience.
image image image image

Okay those photos uploaded out of order. After I went to the grub menu it looped me back to the installer

Should be 4th photo as showing you how I did the manual installation

Then the first photo because again it didn’t recognize my hdd so I got back to the installer

Then the 3rd photo was when I was about to hit enter on the grub terminal.

After I did that I was looped back to the 2nd photo

grub> search.file /etc/manjaro-release  root


grub> search.file /etc/manjaro-release 

:expressionless: are you serious!? Lmao I have been reading from my phone and did not see root. Is that two spaces? God I can’t believe I did that! Here’s what I saw from my phone not realizing it scrolls to the side: image


Okay thank you! I booted into manjaro that way and installed and updated grub. So then I rebooted to see if it worked and I’m getting this:

Edit: it says No bootable device. The photo got cropped a bit

You know what? It said installing grub for i386 which is for a 32bit board. How is it that I got Manjaro to even work?

Okay checked this and it did say that. Phew that’s a relief. :sweat_smile:

Right. Usual causes..(there are others)

  1. failing hard drive
  2. cmos battery (motherboard battery) dead or dying.

Check (2) first - it's easier and easier to fix.

Okay! But how does this explain it booting windows and Debian? I’ll still check just wondering

Good question. Fortuitous?
But seriously, could just be the part of the hard drive the partition is installed in. Meaning the hard drive part that is faulty.

You can repartition your disk sda1 100 gb
sda2 100 gb sda3 100 GB.... and use partition sda4 for you manjaro partition. Again no boot.
See if that helps. And if it works, then it's the part of the hard drive that's failing. But... it will , in future also happen to the currently working partition. And you should prepare to change the hard drive.

Repeat, it may work in windows and debian because you did not set them to the first part of the drive. Remember, it was sda2 for them.

ps: had happened to me before, some time ago. 2 occasions, 2 drives.

Haha well that watch battery is dead as can be. I guess it was just shear dumb luck.

Shoot I checked another motherboard I had discarded because it wouldn’t boot and it’s battery was dead too! What’s the battery’s function?

This wouldn’t have anything to do with it right?


It is lucky it's just the battery, not the hard drive.
But for old system, keep an eye out on the hard drive too.

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