Trouble with sxhkd hotkeys in gnome

I have installed sxhkd in manjaro-gnome.
i have mapped,

super + Return

so when I press super+enter, it does not open up my terminal ( which is st). it just registers as a regular enter press. but the funny thing is, if i press enter twice, it works. Like, super+enter+enter.
the first enter seems to work like a regular enter press and the second press of enter opens st. every other hotkey that I have mapped in sxhkd behaves similarly.
ii was wondering why that happens and what can i do to make this problem go away.

Can i ask why you went that road? Why using sxhkd for mapping shortcuts in Gnome?
Go to Settings > Keyboard Shortcuts
and you will see a very long list of predefined launchers and actions. You can add as many custom commands you want, including to launch your preferred Terminal ... :slight_smile:

Because I want to make my hotkey mapping modular. So that if I move to different window manager or desktop environment, I don't have to remap everything specific to that DE/WM.

Fair enough :slight_smile:
But then, i wonder if the syntax is correct the way you used it. Pay attention to why you have to use @ for key release events.

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