Trying out other window managers without losing my plasma setup


I'm currently running Manjaro with KDE plasma and am very happy with my setup.

However, I would like to try out some tiling window managers to play around with while keeping my current setup intact.

What would be the best way to achieve this? Would I need to install a different display manager in order to select the WM I want?
I'm thinking of running bspwm or xmonad with something like polybar and dmenu for example.


If you are unsure, and don't know exactly how things can get messy, just use another user for those tests. Personally i prefer to keep the install clean, one DE, and make tests in VM installs.


A KDE installation has a lot of defaults loaded from /etc/xdg/ and as such even if you experiment using another user the KDE system will most likely interfere in unexpected ways.

@bogdancovaciu's suggestion to use a virtual machine is highly recommended as you keep your running system clean and when we are speaking of DEs - especially Gnome and KDE - and to a degree XFCE should be kept as is because they are highly integrated systems with a specialized setup which will interfere with the window manager experience in ways that has the potential of headaches.

Window managers are also know for being light on resources - so you can easily run a window manager based VM on 2 vCPU, 1G ram and 10G vHD


On a PC just drop another HDD into the system and use that. Most laptops can also have the HDD/SSD swapped out easily enough - which is what I do,5 minute job.

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