Turn off ACPI suspend timer when no user is logged in

Hi guys,

I'm trying to figure out how I can prevent Manjaro from activating sleep mode when no user is logged in.

My use case is that sometimes I want to connect to my machine remotely via SSH for example and I just want to boot it up and let it sit there and wait for an incoming connection. Push the power button and leave, as if it was a server. Problem is Manjaro is pre-configured to send my machine to sleep after a couple minutes when I'm not logged in. I want to turn off this timer.

I know how to turn it off after I log into GNOME but that only seems to apply to my user account and while there's an active GNOME session.

Searching for the issue outside this forum yielded answers that instruct to acpi=off at the GRUB command line but that approach seems way too excessive and apparently comes with downsides I don't want (e.g. no hyper-threading, which I do want). Also I still want to be able to send the machine to sleep manually, so acpi=off is out of the question. I don't want to systemctl mask the systemd power management units either.

Arch Wiki isn't getting me anywhere either.

Searching this forum yielded mostly issues with closing/opening laptop lids which don't apply to me since I'm asking for a desktop machine.

I just want to turn off the sleep timer on the login screen, which I suspect is a system-wide setting then. I just don't know where to look.

How about trying the caffeine utility to prevent sleep?

Caffeine doesn't run until I start a GNOME session. My use case as stated is that I don't log into a GNOME session. I just start the machine and nothing else, like a server when I'm not at home.

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Well then, just spitballin you might need to try writing your own service with triggers at login events. Perhaps you could have the service be triggered only after graphical.target or display-manager.service or something like:


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