Turn off i3 full battery notification

The default Manjaro i3 community edition had a notification for both low and full battery. While the low battery notification is useful, the full battery notification pops up every couple minutes when the machine is plugged in and fully charged (due to slight discharge to ~96% and then goes back to 100% repeatedly).

How can I disable the full battery notification but leave the low battery notification? Thanks!

The battery notification is done by "i3status". Read the man page for i3status, "Battery" section. You can edit your ~/.i3status.conf file to change the readout last_full_capacity=true . That might fix it. However, if it jumps like that between 96-100% I wonder if either the battery or your charger might be faulty?

Thanks for the suggestion, I will try making last_full_capacity=false.

I was under the impression that devices do actually discharge and charge around 100% because it's unhealthy for the computer to constantly be at 100%. Before Manjaro I was on Linux Mint and my battery percentage did not change once it hit 100% and charging. I assumed that Linux Mint would round to 100% in this scenario and Manjaro was just being more accurate. Is this false?

My latptop is ~2 years old, so perhaps it's the battery but it's still going strong when off the charger.

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