Turning an existing os into bootable usb?

I know this isn't quite Manjaro related, and sorry if this is in the wrong place, but seeing as this is the only linux based forum I'm a part of, I thought I'd ask here. I have a Kali install on a 100gb hard drive that is tuned to perfection I'd like to put into an external drive enclosure and make bootable from usb. My plan is to have the drive handy and just boot from usb when I want to use it on my main machine. I would just keep it on the machine it's on, but school is starting back soon and my kid will need that for his work. Is this possible? More importantly, is it easy to do?


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Someone correct me if I am wrong but there shouldn't be too much of a challenge to accomplish this. As long as there's no driver conflicts between the different computers being used (very unlikely, even with Nvidia cards it should at least boot for you install the drivers in TTY if needed) most challenging thing will just be copying it over.

This can be accomplished by just using dd (BE VERY CAREFUL AND MAKE BACKUPS!: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Dd#Cloning_an_entire_hard_disk ) to clone the entire drive not just the partition, this is to include grub in it. Make sure the destination drive is the same size or bigger or you'll have a bit of a headache with that approach.

And just plug it in to another computer and change the boot priority, can someone correct me if I am missing something here?

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This should work even on a fast 128 GB USB stick with PCs with natively supported USB3 ports. Alternatively, Clonezilla could be used for copying. Only avoid having the original or cloned disk booted while the other disk is mounted as they will use the same UUID's which should be avoided in a running system.

Will I be able to make my install bootable using Clonezilla?

I have not done that yet, but I think the chance it's working is pretty high.

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