Tutorial: Enable and configure bootsplash on Manjaro

I just created a video tutorial about how to enable and configure bootsplash on Manjaro.
Opinions and suggestions are welcomed.



Looks good.


sudo mkinitcpio -P 

regenerates initramfs for all kernels
2. Add the contents of that office document to the description for quicker reading.


Thanks for suggestions.
For the second, i added a blog post link ?!

The link is not visible in the forum.

And the video description also !
Anyway , Link is added to the post.

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Suggestion: Installing bootsplash-systemd automatically rebuilds initramfs. If you move the step 2 to step 1, you can skip the step 4 entirely.

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Yeah, i noticed that.

I believe it work with amd and nvidia GPUs as i use it with an amd gpu.

I can confirm that it works with NVidia GPU as well.

The video is awe-full. The text in the video is way to big, hard to read fancy fonts, and your screen is all cluttered, and by the time I gave up, I almost ruined what I had.

Im not trying to be rude, but next time simply put the steps in a single
clean document thats visible the whole time, and make sure the windows dont over lap each other.

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