Tutorial - How to Install Nvidia drivers from the Nvidia website

Updated and known to work on 09/25/19 12pm est.

A simple guide to install whatever driver you want from Nvidia's web site.

It is really not recommended to do this on your Manjaro install unless you have a real need. If you choose to do this keep in mind that you are now responsible for maintaining your own driver, this takes a lot more work than just using the defaults provided by Manjaro. For example, every time there is a kernel update you will have to go though this whole mess again.

Note: This tutorial is command line heavy

Now to the install:

  1. First goto the Nvidia site and download your desired driver
  2. move it to the root of the drive / and make it executable in two steps

$ sudo cp ~/Downloads/NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-384.59.run /

$ sudo chmod +x /NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-384.59.run

  1. Update your system with pacman and please take note if there is a kernel update, if so you need to reboot and start from this step again.

$ sudo pacman -Syu

  1. See what kernel you have installed with uname -a

$ uname -a
Linux Z77M 4.11.12-1-MANJARO #1 SMP PREEMPT Fri Jul 21 08:51:46 UTC 2017 x86_64 GNU/Linux

  1. Install the kernel headers for your running kernel, from uname (as command above) we find we are running kernel 4.11 now we install the headers for linux411.

$ sudo pacman -S linux411-headers

  1. Reboot now and make sure you can get to grub for the next step.
  2. At Manjaro Grub menu use the keyboard to hit "e" to edit the kernel boot line.
  3. In the grub editor look for the line beginning with Linux, it should look like this.

linux /boot/vmlinuz-4.11-x86_64 root=UUID=0a01099a-1e33-489a-a2de-10104e8492f5 rw quiet

  1. backspace over the word quiet and add systemd.unit=multi-user.target like below.

linux /boot/vmlinuz-4.11-x86_64 root=UUID=0a01099a-1e33-489a-a2de-10104e8492f5 rw systemd.unit=multi-user.target

  1. Now boot the system with F10 key
  2. You should be offered a login, login with your root account. At this point you should have a working system with an Internet connection.
  3. Change directory to / with (note there is a space after "cd")

$ cd ..

  1. Run the driver install program

$ sh ./NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-384.59.run

  1. When it completes you can type reboot and the system will start as normal with the new driver installed, my first load always takes a little more time to start for some reason.


  1. You should let the driver install program edit xorg.conf.
  2. Make sure you are starting from a system that already has the normal Manjaro proprietary drivers installed.

Edit: 08/02/17 noticed personal copy from harddrive that I paste back here gave the wrong home directory command in step 2 and changed it to the more universal ~/.

Edit: 09/26/17 tried to format for clarity while in the light, everything is still working.


Why don't you take this thread off line? It is ridiculous to show a way to install the drivers and in the mean time telling people not to do this. Nvidia drivers can be installed in Manjaro settings manager so there is absolute no reason to write all this here.
You are helping especially newbies, who don't know the right way to install drivers, to an crashing system. Then they will come here again asking for help because they end up with a black screen instead of the graphical user interface they were used to.
Threads like this one should be forbidden. My opinion.


First, this is a Tutorial topic thread and not recommended for personal opinions. Second, if you feel the content is not appropriate then there are other avenues for you to pursue as per the forum software interface.
Thank you. :no_mouth:


well, he has a point. And even tutorials can have discussions in them and thus opinions. This are still forum threads after all.

Your guide leads to undefined behaviour in the Manjaro - Ecosystem and borked installations.

Whoever is familiar enough with Linux to do those things and is able to fix the mess that is created by it does not need the guide. If the guide is needed, the user should not do those things in the first place.

In addition, moving files or folders directly to / is absolutely not recommended!


I totally agree with your statement and I am happy I don't stand alone in this opinion. Thank you.

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edited the tutorial to a bit more sane approach after talking to @jonathon
The change eliminated the copying to / and the executing of stuff directly in /

It did not change this so I think it is a shame you edited the original message. Now it is still there. A tutorial like that is for those people who just come from the Windows system and who think they need the latest driver, people who know nothing about Linux and who should be reading solid tutorials like Manjaro has on its website. Installing an Nvidia driver straight from the Nvidia website is unnecessary because Manjaro has the (almost) latest driver which can be installed very easily the Manjaro way.
What if during or after the installation things go wrong? "Oh, Manjaro is a bad system, won't use it again, can't even install a driver".
My opinion.

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I do not understand all the hand wringing over this simple guide. If you do not need it, then do not read it or worry over it.
Note: The guide was edited by someone and will not even work as presented. It makes me wonder what the motivation is, a broken guide I guess.
Well then that is on you, because I have already fixed it once but it got edited again.
Also if you can not find your mistake then I feel you should not be editing the posts on the forum.

Please Admins, can we close this thread to comments. They are not useful in any way.

I think, we should appreciate the effort of writing a step by step guide and not affront the author, even if the topic choice is indeed disputable.

Concerning the topic, however, I also do wonder why one would use the manual install method rather than the nvidia-beta package (which is currently at 384.59 and seems to be quite popular and receive regular updates). Such a guide is for sure helpful for distros which have no AUR. But luckily we have the AUR. :smiley:


This is a debate about technology. But it would be great if @DeMus wouldn't use words like "ridiculous" and just write where he disagrees in technical terms.

The Tutorials category allows anybody edit your posts, like in a Wiki.

I don't have any experience with Nvidia. But I would be careful to read the comments to any guide I find online. Therefore the comments make sense. (Just no need for personal humiliation.)


I appreciate the effort! No one is forced to do this procedure. And the OP made it quite clear that it is NOT recommended or supported in any way.

Maybe it could be made even clearer that this is only for advanced and adventurous users. Everyone else should install the drivers the Manjaro way.


And again:
Copying stuff to / and execute it from there is NOT how it is done on Linux.
You might want to take a look at that:

Other hints to prevent somewhat odd approaches (to not say hacky workarounds):
You can switch to tty by pushing for example Ctrl+Alt+F2
You can kill X if it is not allowed to run on the machine (not sure why this should make a difference)
You can also switch to root user with sudo su or simply su if you have assigned a password for root. However, this step should NOT be necessary by anything. sudo $COMMAND by now should work with absolutely everything.

@BS86, I am going to change the guide for you so we do not use root, currently it is broken from some edits. ( I may not get to it today) Once it is fixed can we please just leave it? Debates about the other things you listed seem like they would fit best somewhere else in the forum I guess.

I did not know that, interesting. As we can see, some edits can break the whole thing unfortunately and then what do we have??? Anyway good to know, thanks.

One is certainly welcome to do it, I just wanted to eliminate the middle man. Actually I have not tried this method, It may be great.

Try it, I expect it to be much more comfortable than the manual installation.

There is an edit history if you click on the pencil icon, with 16#4d

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Probably would save some headache if it is reliable.

Another reason I wanted to put this guide here is because it is so dead simple. You do not need access to AUR or Internet, if you have the pieces in place you can build a driver at any time.

Wow what, those edits are worse than I thought. It changed again after I left for work. (The edit thing seems kinda dangerous at the moment) This guide is completely broken (07/31/17 4 pm eastern time), This will not work. Do not try it folks.

I have done this procedure for years already so I sorta know whats up and what the NVidia driver will do from install.

This is a sad state of affairs people really ??? I gotta do this all over again, kind of a huge waste of time.

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A lesson in freedom of speech and tolerance. (For the editors especially.)

I think this thread has now run its course, thanks to jonathon's efforts:

Yes good info, kudos to jonathan. :+1:

Interesting to see if people rush over and freak out over how hard this would be for the newbie and what not. :grinning:

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