Two taskbars in cinnamon

I have dual monitors. I want to put a panel on each monitor and be able to have a menu and window buttons on each panel, maybe a clock too. When I try to do this, it shows that I have two panels but it behaves as if I have one. For clarity I'll repeat that I'm using cinnamon.

I have a similar setup, but with three monitors. I have three panels, with three clocks and three sets of panel launchers and some other applets (weather, graphical hardware monitor, etc). I do however only have one start-menu, on the center screen, because it did not work well, having multiple menus.

What do you mean by "it behaves as if I have one"? Are you experiencing the same problem I had with multiple menus? I don't remember exactly what problem I had though, since it has been almost two years since I tried that.

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