U.S Robotics adsl router, printer server issue


Hi all,
I would like to kindly ask you for help. I am using manjaro xfce (ip address: connected to a router U.S Robotics adsl 4 port model (ip The printer hp laserjet 1200 is connected via usb cable to the router. The address of the printer server is:

I dont like to compare manjaro with windows, but everything is working there, I added a printer on http internet port, provide drivers and done. Do not know how to make it to work in manjaro so that's why I am asking for your help? Thanks

Open the print settings -> unlock the settings (:lock: in upper right corner) -> click :heavy_plus_sign: Add - expand Network Printer (don't click Find Network Printer) -> wait -> when the printer is detected -> select the printer -> follow the guide ... (most hp printers need no drivers on Linux) selecting the relevant model is usually enough.

Hi @linux-aarhus Thank you for your message.

Actually thats the problem. This printer connected via router is not visible at all. I have another one (Brother model) which is connected to our network and installed automatically. I think that I should somehow instruct manjaro "blindly" to follow up this router address . Via cups this is not possible unfortunately.

Verify your use is member of lp groups


Open a browser on http://localhost:631 (when asked for username and password - use either root or a member of lp group)

Navigate to Administration - Priinter - select Internet Printing protocol

I don't think it it port 1631 but port 631 you should use - but what do I know - it is your system.

yes, the user is a member of lp group.

I tried to add a printer using "internet printing protocol", but I got an error message:
error printer

I am afraid that I cannot change the port in the router settings, it is locked:
us robotics

A port like cups on 631 is very seldom changed on any type of peripherals.

And if you want to use http then port 1631 is definetely wrong.

Here https://support.usr.com/support/9107/9107-ug/install_printer.htm#linux
They say:

Before connecting your printer to the print server, it is important to install the drivers provided by the printer manufacturer on each computer that will use the printer.

  1. Plug your USB printer into one of the USB ports on your computer.
  2. Install the printer by following the installation instructions included with your printer.
  3. Print a test page to ensure that the printer is working properly.
  4. Power off your printer.

I don't know how relevent or needed are those steps

I don't see why.. protocols are not bind to an unique port.
And 1631 is the port mentioned in us robotic documentation linked above

thanks - I searched for some documentation on it - but didn't find it - and my mind is elsewhere occupied in 35000 lines of a c# api :slight_smile:

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