Ubuntu Web OS

an alternative to Chrome OS

this reminds me so much of Jolicloud / JoliOS which was also based on ubuntu with firefox, but that was 10 years ago.


Hopefully they don’t treat this like Ubuntu Touch and abandon it the second it doesn’t take off. Thankful to UBports for picking that project back up.

Why not just run Gallium? It works fantastic for Chromebooks.

I think what is more interesting how old the developer is, by the time he hits 18 he would already have some major experience behind him.


For the marketing perspective, the Ubuntu brand can "sell" it more out there TBH. And if it takes off, it will mean more linux users which is a great outcome.

And also, I personally never agreed with the "why not use X instead of Y" sentences since someone could come here and say "why don't we all change to Fedora, it works fantastic" (said Fedora as I could say any other distro out there). So... just use what it works for you and be happy :slight_smile:

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Why not just run EndeavourOS? It works fantastic!

Why not just run?


ps. Not taking responsibility for causing more emigrants/refugees :crazy_face:



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If I understand the following correctly (quoting from the article linked to in OP)

Even though Chrome OS uses Linux kernel under the hood, it is exclusively available to run only on Google’s hardware like Chromebook. Hence, if you’re looking for an alternative, soon you’ll be able to experience the potential of cloud computing right on your laptop using Ubuntu Web.

Ubuntu Web is designed for running on any machines and not only Chromebooks.

Looks like a computer prodigy:




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Indeed most likely one day he will build the next big thing.



Maybe we never know.

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