UEFI option not showing up after installation (but USB thumb drive works fine)

Hey Guys,

I am struggling to boot my newly installed Manjaro system from the SSD. Booting from the thumb drive and installing Manjaro went fine (I used the default options, let Manjaro partition my disk - GPT and default layout with 300MB UEFI, 32GB swap and the remaining space for /root).
However, in the BIOS boot menu I don't see the boot option, which should look something like "UEFI: Samsung ...." (just like for the thumb drive with the live OS). I only see "Samsung..." and when I select it, nothing boots.

I am not sure how to proceed here. I have a Xeon workstation from Fujitsu (Celsius W570) and when I disable CSM, I don't get any drive displayed under boot options, only network boot.
I also don't find any other "secure boot" related option to disable.

Does anybody have an idea what to modify on my SSD so that Manjaro is recognised? I checked the partition flags of the EFI partition and it has a "boot" flag... So no idea. I installed Debian on such systems already with success (on older Celsius machines).

Many thanks in advance!

Btw. I am currently doing a complete reinstall (just to be sure I did not mess up everything during the first install phase) and this is the layout:


What's that?
Yes, that's the $esp but it must be mounted as /boot/efi.
Is that done?

I used the default settings (same as for my other machine), I think the Manjaro setup does everything correctly here?

Where do I check if this is mounted correctly?

I just mounted the UEFI partition manually and here is the tree output:


Use this.

Then provide information as stated (print)

efibootmgr -v
sudo parted -l
sudo blkid
findmnt -s
findmnt /boot/efi

If from livecd, check manjaro partition and provide contents of manjaro partition's /etc/fstab

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Thank you @gohlip I followed your instructions and it works now!

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