Ugly pamac icon in the tray, using KDE

There is a small issue with pamac tray icons on KDE panel.
Pamac now shows two icons in the tray, one that is scalable (pamac.svgz icon of plasma themes) and another one, that looks ugly and low-quality. I don't know where did it come from, which its destination is, and why two icons?
what to do? thanks!

Did you installed pamac-qt too and enabled the tray for it? That one uses a different icon and is still work in progress. Remove it and keep the gtk version for now. You might have to log out or reboot the system after removal.

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No, it is pamac-gtk

Please provide from terminal:
pamac list -i | grep pamac

I have same issue.

[bartu@manjaro ~]$ pamac list -i | grep pamac
pamac-cli 9.5.2-3 extra 145,2 kB
pamac-common 9.5.2-3 extra 2,5 MB
pamac-gtk 9.5.2-3 extra 612,3 kB
pamac-snap-plugin 9.5.2-3 extra 72,3 kB
pamac-tray-appindicator 9.5.2-3 extra 47,1 kB


What issue? The Tray icon for Pamac seems to be the one we provide. Other icons depend on the program.

The gray icon at the left of white Pamac icon. They are both Pamac icons. I don't remember installing anything that could add this icon. And if I remove pamac-tray-appindicator both icons disappear. If I quit one they both close.


Please make sure you do not have pamac-aur-tray-appindicator-git installed too. Now that you provided a zoomed image, i can see the issue ...

I don't have it.

Is it set in Tray Settings to Show when relevant and in Pamac Preferences to Hide Tray when there are no updates ? Can you please try that, log out, switch to TTY3 (for example) and from there just run
rm -rf ~/.cache/*
then switch back to TTY1, log in ...

It didn't work, extra icon is still there.

Same issue here.

After the last update, there is only one tray icon. Unfortunately it is the ugly one.

I have the same issue but only when I use the breath2 theme. Using Maia now and the pamac tray icon is ok on that one.

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