Unable to boot after nvidia-prime-select install

Hello, i'm new on Manjaro,

I installed it few week ago in dual boot with windows.
I had no problem until I tryed to switch from Intel drivers to Nvidia drivers (that where installed) with nvidia-prime-select. I just followed the guide here : https://github.com/wildtruc/nvidia-prime-select.

Unfortunatly, system doesn't boot anymore, no error, just stuck on Asus Logo after choosing grub Manjaro boot.

Any ideas to solve the boot ?
Here is my configuration :

Asus x751LDV
RAM : 12GO
Processor : Intel i7 4510U CPU | 2GHz - 2.6GhZ (fast)

Would be great if I could avoid reinstalling system.

You should be able to revert from TTY any modification made by installing the nvidia-prime-select, and chose one of the 4 available approaches recommended for Manjaro.

If you boot with the nomodeset kernel parameter, and also replace quiet with 3 it should start in TTY, and as your user proceed with one of the above.


that particular prime-select is for fedora. dont forget to disable/remove any/all related services, configs and bbswitch packages before trying the other options

Thanks a lot.

Solution :

  • boot on grub swap
  • in the screen of choices (windows/Manjaro) select manjaro and press E.
  • edit configuration line where "/linux ... quiet". Replace "quiet" with "nomodeset 3"
  • CTRL Q
  • enter in TTY mode
  • log in
  • sudo nvidia-prime-select intel
  • stop computer
  • reboot

Uninstall nvidia-prime-select with pacman.

Solved all. Thanks !

Hello, a new message to ask for help a second time.

I tried to switch to PRIME with this tutorial you gave me :

But i can't boot anymore, i cand enter in TTY mode but startx fail.
In Xorg log I got :

(EE) no screens found(EE)
(EE) No devices detected. 

I tryed many things, maybe my configuration in Xorg is broken, do you have any ideas ?
Thanks !

most likely a configuration conflict. check
ls -la /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/

if there is more than 1 video configuration in there you will have problems. also make sure any of those prime switching utilities and any of the services running from them are disabled and uninstalled.

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