Unable to boot: dependency failures

UUID=bb0e217e-dc93-486c-93f8-c5d73dcf7c4d /media/DataHDD xfs defaults,noatime,noauto 0 2

The topic is two weeks old, I hoped to never have to read it, but Fortuna had a different idea.

-f ==> force
so when we have an existing destination files, it removes it without errors
I use it as a matter of habit that I use it on new or non-existing files as well.

See this.. When discard and trim came up, there was some controversies over one should use it. I think I questioned it in the old Manjaro forum. Finally the Ubuntu way 'won out' and there have been better refined way to handle it. Once a month trim should be fine. Or longer.

See above. noatime? Okay. That's another controversy about relatime and noatime.
relatime was used in most fstab. The ext developer Tso said
it's better to use noatime instead for perfomance and reliability. For ssd, we should use noatime.
Did I not put 'noatime'? Okay, another error on my part. :grin:

See this.

See this. the 'Dump' and 'pass' parts.
Some sections may be obsoleted. I didn't read whole page. Oh the /media mounts may be good to read.


Seriously mikey777, I think you (like many others) have googled and read much of the links. It's the questions that should be.....uhm, more targeted.
One example...

I've read discard is not necessary if we use manual trim. Should we take it out of the fstab?

Q1 and Q4 can be found by googling. It's quite straightforward.

Now it is my turn to be didactic. :rofl:


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Many thanks for the links, gohlip - these are really helpful and answer my questions in a straightforward way. :sunglasses:

You have to realise it's easier to target questions more if you're an advanced linux user - I'm not one, which is one reason I don't read many links (only the basic ones) as many are incomprehensible and sometimes contradictory (which can be very vexing)

I would like to spend more time on this but have family (young children) & work commitments - a common problem that I'm sure many of us experience! However, in the 4 years I've been on Linux, I feel I've come a long way from a baseline of zero!

Thanks again.

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discard means: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Solid_State_Drive#Continuous_TRIM
Manjaro (or Calamares) writes it to the fstab if it detects an SSD. This is a good default approach for users who would not think about TRIM themselves. Those who would know about it will read what discard in fstab does and probably disable it and maybe use an fstrim.timer: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Solid_State_Drive#Periodic_TRIM

I remember that it was difficult to read all the Arch Wiki (and similar) articles when I just started to use Linux.

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Thanks eugen-b.
I have always trimmed manually (about once a month) in Linux, using:

sudo fstrim -v /
sudo fstrim -v /home
sudo fstrim -v /media/DATA (note I've changed it from /mnt/DATA!)

Is it okay to do it like this? In a way I prefer it as I have more control over what's being done, rather than an automated process.

Thanks also to you & gohlip, for explaining what 'discard' does, as I'll now remove it from fstab as it would seem to be pretty redundant. Another very useful tip to put in my notebook ...:slightly_smiling_face:

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It is ok, that's what I do myself, too.

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I notice you haven't taken ownership of the mount point (i.e. sudo chown -R mike: /media/DATA) in your method - what's the reason for this?

It may be the reason I'm unable to copy files from my backup external drive to the internal /media/DATA drive ... also symlinks, though showing, are only showing my /home's total capacity of 40GB and not the /media/DATA's total capacity (1TB) which it should do if the symlinks were working correctly.

Back to the drawing board: I've deleted the symlinks & am starting again - last attempt ...

PS. I've removed discard from all the fstab entries, and for the /media/DATA media have modified your line in (2) above, in light of eugen-b's posted fstab entry as:

UUID=number   /media/DATA  /ext4  defaults,noatime,noauto 0  2

You don't take ownership of partitions.
We take ownership of directories.

So, lets' say your partition sda8 is "Data" and we mount /dev/sda8 (using UUID) as /media/Data in fstab. Okay. Done. So far so good.
We make directories of Downloads and Pictures in sda8, for example.
Then we sym-link sda8's Downloads and sda8's Pictures to home's Downloads and home's Pictures. respectively.
Remember always sym-link directories not partitions (thought we had cleared this up).

Do I chown sda8's Downloads and sda8's Pictures to my_user?
Yes! Because I break the sym-links ocassionally and want to access them even when broken.
But do I chown partition sda8? NO!! We don't chown partitions only directories.

I think the confusion remains.. because you are sym-linking partition!!
As said so many times and for so long, sym-link directories to directories. never partitions.
But Yes! mount partitions in fstab, we cannot mount directories in fstab. Cannot be done.

Repeat summary. Follow it religiously.
sym-link directories to directories.
mount partitions (it is not directory) in fstab

Is that any clearer than before?

If yes, please tell me why it is clearer. I don't get it why this should be clearer.
If it is still not clear, I don't know any other way to make it clearer.
Maybe somebody else can help here.

I haven't symlinked anything! Was waiting for your input ...

Have done, to the letter, three times ... symlinks look as though they're there, but they are not working (I haven't symlinked any partitions)

Not clear, as I don't see the use of 'chown' - is that command for partitions only then? Remember I'm not an advanced user, so this is not obvious to me ...

So at sda8 location, I issue command
sudo chown {me} Downloads
sudo chown {me} Pictures

These instructions are not clear. What do you mean at sda8 location - I thought partitions weren't involved. Please clarify. At what point in your 3-point method do I do this?

I'm almost at the point of giving up here - the previous method I used lasted for 4 years, until I swapped the drive locations around - I'm unable to even get this one to even take off ...

You use xfce. At thunar, at sda8 location, after creating sda8's Downloads and sda8's Pictures, press F4, This will provide a 'terminal' where you can do a command at sda8 location
At that terminal,
sudo chown -R {me} Downloads
sudo chown -R {me} Pictures

substitute {me} with your username.

I had suggested much much earlier for you to just use a separate home partition.
And you can move on to trying newer things and you still have a nice working OS as well.

So, I'm suggesting to you again.
Use a separate home partition.

Have 2 more spare partitions to experiment your symlinks.
I can think of much more things to experiment other than sym-links. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I've followed everything to the letter, including the last point about chown.
Not working, as both times before. What diagnostic can I send you, so that you can pinpoint the exact nature of the problem (terminal output, screenshots ...)?

Something must stil be missing or I've made a repeated error somewhere.

Yes, I'd thought of this too but I'd rather (if I can) get this sorted before next week, as I've got more time now.


Instead of starting over, make a directory 'test' and sym-link it.
I don't have thunar, so maybe F4 may not open terminal at the right 'location' but at home (I don't know).

So just open a fresh terminal (not from thunar)
and put in these commands.

sudo mkdir /media/DATA/test
sudo chown -R (mike) /media/DATA/test
sudo ln -sf /media/DATA/test /home/(mike)/test

Note: (mike) is username -use the right one.

Does that work?

The problem before was that when I clicked Properties, for any apparently 'symlinked folder', it only showed me 32GB of 40GB free (40GB = /home). Now it's showing 933.3GB of 983.4GB free , as it should because /media/DATA is a 1TB drive, so the symlinks between home/mike/folders and /media/DATA/folders are now in place, as the screenshot below shows:


If it's okay with you, I would like at some point, to write a tutorial (with screenshots & command line included) for the newbie section - symlinking to a separate data partition or physical drive is such a basic and very useful tool for several reasons. After struggling so much with it, I now feel the need to share what I've learned with others, particularly as I couldn't find any decent, easy-to-follow tutorial on the subject in our forum (in fact I found nothing at all)

I'm going to hold off marking this '[SOLVED]' for a day or so, just to verify that there are no wobbles with what's been set up.

Many thanks for your undying loyalty-to-the-cause here - your help is truly appreciated, though I think I badly frazzled a few brain cells in the process :rofl:

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Laptop (Asus G750JS) booted well initially today. However, subsequent boots were without success - black screen - maybe hardware issues ..? Not the first time this has happened, and not just with Manjaro.

Went to PC Settings to see what's going on: OS-drive has disappeared from boot order list, the Data-only drive being 1st in the boot list, the DVD-drive 2nd. Therefore, the laptop is trying to boot from my data-drive!

This is a UEFI laptop (made 2014), but I've installed Manjaro-xfce on an MBR formatted disk with CMS (BIOS) enabled.

Maybe I should use a UEFI install (GPT formatted disk) for Manjaro (like the Win8.1 that came pre-installed with the laptop) and it might play better ... any thoughts on this are welcomed. I've done a UEFI install before with Ubuntu, so am familiar with procedure.

I don't like UEFI much as a technology, and it is with regret and some annoyance that I'm now feeling forced to use it ...

That's exactly the problem.

If you searched issues like this.
I've said so many times.
Do not mix uefi and bios-legacy
Do not mix gpt and msdos disk

And if you still want to continue with this , start a new topic.
It is not related to original topic.

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